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Schnitz Blog

By Max Gross

We were doing some baby clothes shopping at Spencer Outlet Centre, and let me tell you, it’s an easy way to work up an appetite. So we went to check out Schnitz in the food court. Schnitz serves a variety of schnitzels, salads and parmas, with fries of course! They just refreshed their menu, adding a heap of new vegan and gluten free items.


We started off with a chicken schnitzel and Mediterranean salad. The schnitzel has a light and delicious crumbing, which went really well with the fresh salad.

Then we had the Sweet ‘N Smokey Turkish roll with pork schnitzel, rainbow slaw, apple sauce and smokey BBQ sauce. It was a nice and rich roll, perfect for these cold Melbourne nights. Went down a treat with some perfectly crispy seasoned fries too. For drinks, we tried Naked Life Raspberry and Lime, which was super refreshing.

The service was friendly and fast. If you sit in the back you’ll get table service and a spectacular view of Spencer Street too. If you need a filling meal in a flash, you can’t go past Schnitz.

Max Gross is Spencer Outlet Centre’s food blogger-in-residence. You can find more of his food adventures at